woman in storm
(Taken from Gen. 1: 1-3, and Psalm 6)
Who is this One that hovers over me?
Brooding, stirring, trembling
Over the dark places in my life
Blowing His Wind to separate
Confusion, chaos, disorganization
The Brooding Spirit of the Living God
Sighing, groaning over the emptiness in me
The places fashioned for His habitation
Yet, still wastelands of vanity and futility
Places void and without the form of His likeness
Alarm, agitation – my soul troubled, terrified
Highly emotional, with intense frustration
I approach the foundation of Mercy
The basis for all His great and wonderful acts
Permanently preserved and established from the beginning
The Hovering Spirit stirs and trembles over me
Exhausted and weary places, void with wasted labor and effort
Night seasons spent tending to the bruised, sore caverns
He moves about with oil and water
Preparing me for the effectual, creative Word
The Hovering Brooding One, the Spirit of Creation
Gently prepares the Way to deliver me
Disorder, futile thinking and desires take notice
Blindness and deafness begin to shake
Barren wastelands made ready for His holy habitation
The Word  is now ready for my land
The Holy Spirit of the Most Holy God
Overshadows the dry, thirsty desert places
The Living Word speaks,  “Let there be LIGHT”
And the Day Spring dawns in me
( Jeannine Wight)


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