OUR BANNER (taken from Psalm 60)


Did you not see – have you not heard?

The Lofty One on high

Has unfurled Himself like a sail!

Yahweh has unfolded Himself

He has expanded Himself over us!

Should we not fear the One

Who did not hold back His Son?

He has lifted Him up

And put Him on display

The rallying point for glorious rest!

He is prepared to draw us out

His Sail covers the earth

His breath directs our course

Who can detour His waves?

Who can resist His extended right hand?

The One totally beyond comprehension

Has spoken to us!

In His utter essence of holiness

He who’s Name is beyond pronunciation

Has spoken to us!

We are His! We are His!

Hear the Wind of His Spirit

Unfold His Name across the earth

Calling His people to gather

Under His wings of victory!

 (Jeannine Wight)


2 thoughts on “OUR BANNER (taken from Psalm 60)

    1. Well, these were written in the last few years. I am taking first steps….thank you for all your encouragement. IT’s nice to have someone in the bleachers, cheering us on. 😀


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